Stopwatch- Best timer for Professional use

Stopwatch- Best timer for Professional use

Stopwatch- Why do you need to buy a stand-alone device?

Stopwatch also called Stop Watch or Timer machine, This digital device is used for tracking time. The stopwatch is widely used in industries for on-time production. Stopwatch also used on the playground to practice and improve the time for every step.

This 4,500 Taka device could save thousands of Dollars and increase your business reputation for on-time delivery of your shipment. If you are a sports guy this device is a must-have for your daily workout and practice to improve in every single second.

World’s fastest man “Usain Bolt” or the world’s 2nd largest Ready-Made Garment Industry in Bangladesh; has come to this stage by super utilizing the time and will power.


Beside many other functions on every digital watch or recent mobile phones you also has a digital stopwatch but there is some specific reason Why you need a Stopwatch as stand alone device?

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Stopwatch buying Guide

Stopwatch buying Guide

Stopwatch buying Guide- The facts you should know before buying

In Bangladesh, most of the stopwatches used in Garments production (RMG) floors and in the sports. This is very useful to maintain the production time and to monitor the buyer’s timeline. This small gadget is very powerful and accurate in this work. So, if you already using it for your Garment industries of if you are thinking to buy a new stopwatch then you should know few things before you buy it. Trust me it will really help you to take your final decision. If you are still not sure and still asking yourself Why you need a Stopwatch? Then you will get a better answer while you will finish reading this small article. Here we will discuss 2 models of Casio Stopwatch- Casio HS-70W and HS-80TW.

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Now let’s jump to the main point- A stopwatch is a very important timepiece these days. If you´re involved in Industrial works, sports or something like that, you might need the aid of a stopwatch so you can measure your performance at one time or another. For instance, you might have to participate in a marathon and you want to win the race, so a stopwatch can be the secret weapon that you need to achieve your goal. So, today we are going to talk a little bit about two amazing stopwatches, the Casio HS-70W and HS-80TW, so read on to find out more about them in this article. and hope when you will finish this Stopwatch buying Guide you will be well confident which one you should go for!

So, today we are going to talk a little bit about two amazing stopwatches, the Casio HS-70W and HS-80TW, so read on to find out more about them in this article. and you will find yourself clear which one would be the best fit for you.

Casio HS-70W Stopwatch

If you need all the major functions and with affordable price then without much worry you can buy this Casio HS-70w stopwatch. Why? OK with this Stopwatch buying guide you will know it soon. 🙂

Stopwatch buying guide

Need an affordable and with some amazing must have feature for your next stopwatch? This Casio HS-70W is a water-resistance stopwatch. In fact, this device is a 50-meter water resistance stopwatch, which is awesome. If you love scuba diving or anything like that, you will adore the Casio HS-70W right away. With a 5-year battery life, beeper on/off, and a timekeeping function, the Casio HS-70W is truly here to stay. However, if you see that the battery has a low power sign, you have to go to a CASIO distributor so that you can get your battery replaced as soon as possible. In addition, you should avoid storing the Casio HS-70W in any area exposed to extreme temperature, and this fact is important.
You should also be wary of heat as it might cause your Casio HS-70W to malfunction or shorten the battery life down the road. When you use this device, you should keep it away from any direct sunlight or heaters.


The Casio HS-80TW Stopwatch

If you are looking for most advanced, lots of functions, durable and if you have freedom of choice to go with the higher budget for a good one then you may wish to go for this HS-80TW model of the stopwatch. Why so? This Stopwatch buying guide will help you take the right decision. Keep reading until the end.

Stopwatch buying guide

If you need something more than the basic stopwatch then this is the perfect solution for you. This stopwatch has 3 more advanced feature that was not available on the previous model-

  • Alarms
  • Counter mode &
  • Stoppage time Feature

The HS-80TW is the 50-meter water resistant device that you have been looking for. In addition, this 1/1000-sec stopwatch looks awesome, and you will love it. You will also get tons of modes such as the recall mode, the timekeeping mode, the stopwatch mode, the counter mode, and many others. There are also many types of counters such as the dual counter, the stopwatch counter, and the standard counter. This stopwatch will allow you to measure with accuracy both the end time and the meantime. In fact, this accuracy will be of 1000s per second, and that´s excellent for anyone out there.
In fact, the HS-80TW´s measuring capacity can reach up to 10 hours. In addition, the HS-80TW can simplify the calculation of any injury time by showing the overall time of the game and the current play time. Moreover, the HS-80TW can store the split, lap, and total time in a memory and display this later on.

Conclusion of Stopwatch buying guide

We have talked about two great stopwatches out there, and you have now more information to get the most out of these amazing timepieces. The Casio HS-70Wd is just an awesome stopwatch, as it can resist water up to 50 meters, which is truly amazing. We have also talked about the gorgeous HS-80TW. This device is truly awesome as you will be able to see tons of modes right away. In addition, you will be able to use tons of counters down the road, which is truly great as well. In fact, you can use the HS-80TW to store a lot of information about time.


  • Option 1: If you need Stopwatch with major functions and with affordable price then go for HS-70W
  • Option 2: If you need stopwatch with advanced functions and if the little higher price still OK then go for HS-80TW.


From where can I buy the Original Casio Stopwatch in Bangladesh?

To get the Original Casio Stopwatch in Bangladesh is not always easy. But we can recommend and would be very comfortable to shop online and they will give you home or office delivery. You can buy Original Casio Stopwatch from here. You will get it with all original warranty papers along with the original product.