Casio Calculator Watch- DBC-32-1A

Casio Calculator Watch- DBC-32-1A

The Casio Calculator watch DBC-32-1A digital watch has multi-functionality at its best. The Casio DBC-32-1A digital watch is a product made with two things in mind – comfort and functionality. While on a first look the square case packed to the brim with miniature buttons may look not so cool but for very niche and targetted users is very fond of this- Especially 80’s or 90’s Casio users in Bangladesh.

Interested to know more about this Vintage Casio watch? here we will try to make few information public about this awesome timepiece. So, Shall we start?

What is best about this Calculator Watch?

Before all else, I should address the water exposure issue – while the watch is NOT waterproof, it is resistant and has a reactive alarm that goes off the moment it gets wet. There are however no measures taken to increase shock resistance. Moving on to the cramped look of the case – the buttons are clearly enough labeled and useful for the calculator function. So, you are requested not to go under water with this watch. While you can still use it on a rainy day.

Casio Calculator Watch

The display is big enough (it can show up to eight letters and fifteen numerals) and seems well made and features auto LED light with afterglow. Please be noted that you may need to change the default settings to enable the auto afterglow function. And for your Casio provide a big hand note or catalog books for you. While the first function is useful as it allows your watch to light up as you move your hand without the need for pressing buttons, the latter is a bit redundant – basically, it extends the time the display stays lit. The band is made to be adhesive to the skin so the watch is a tight fit to the wrist and can be adjusted for various hand sizes.

Longer battery Life (up to 10 years)

The Casio DBC-32-1A additionally boasts a battery with an expected life up to 10 years (10 years battery life). Of course, we couldn’t exactly field test that. Having gone over the hardware let us now look inwards to the three main functions of the clock – a stop-watch, a watch, and a calculator. As a stop-watch, the Casio Calculator Watch DBC-32-1A has both variety and precision. It can measure up to the hundredth of a second and it has all the important modes – elapsed time, split time and even 1st to 2nd place comparison. As a watch, this Casio has an accuracy of within 30 seconds per month – not a nuclear clock by any means, but quite enough for most everyday applications. It has four multi-function alarms and one multi-function alarm with Snooze.

Multi Language

You can also use any of the thirteen languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Russian) available to write your reasons for the alarms. In case you miss your local church bell (or other hourly signalization) the Casio can do it for you. Finally, it comes with a pre-programmed auto calendar that extends to 2099 ensuring your descendants are equipped to be at least as prompt as you. The true usefulness of the Casio Casio Calculator Watch DBC32-1A, however, is revealed with its final function as a serious field calculator that can leave the hands free. With fifteen numbers per page and a tight grip.

Casio Calculator Watch

With fifteen numbers per page and a tight grip on the wrist the watch performs wonderfully on the basic level. It also has a good memory databank of 25 pages and the important constants for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Because the reviewer is an amateur mathematician at best we did not test the more complex functions available, but at least we can say with certainty, that the Casio Calculator Watch DBC32-1A passes the division by zero test and properly shows an error message. All in all, it’s a slightly ugly but very useful and relatively robust watch you can get for cheap if you put your mind to it. Impressively enough, its battery life may extend further than your own.

Where to get Casio Calculator Watch?

If you want to have one of this vintage watch it may be little difficult to find Casio showrooms in Bangladesh. But you may get it easily online. Here is our recommended Casio Online Shop where you will get it authentic and at an affordable price. Buy DBC-32-1A from Casio Online Shop in Bangladesh.

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