Stopwatch- Best timer for Professional use

Stopwatch- Why do you need to buy a stand-alone device?

Stopwatch also called Stop Watch or Timer machine, This digital device is used for tracking time. The stopwatch is widely used in industries for on-time production. Stopwatch also used on the playground to practice and improve the time for every step.

This 4,500 Taka device could save thousands of Dollars and increase your business reputation for on-time delivery of your shipment. If you are a sports guy this device is a must-have for your daily workout and practice to improve in every single second.

World’s fastest man “Usain Bolt” or the world’s 2nd largest Ready-Made Garment Industry in Bangladesh; has come to this stage by super utilizing the time and will power.


Beside many other functions on every digital watch or recent mobile phones you also has a digital stopwatch but there is some specific reason Why you need a Stopwatch as stand alone device?

If you need to improve your performance, there is no way except utilizing the time. The more you can utilize time the more you will succeed. and to utilize your time you really need Stopwatch!

When it comes to precision and professional works. For an example, if you have a Ready made garment industry in Bangladesh and getting orders from outside if the country then you must finish the production on time to deliver it to the buyer. So, here maintaining the production time is relly important. To get more returning orders on time shipment is must besides the product quality. So, to keep the record and to improve the time schedule or even chase the overtime of the workers it is very important you keep very accurate time record and StopWatch can do it with very simple but accurate way.

If you want to keep record or run after time there is lots of option but Stopwatch is specially made for this works. With dedicated button and with the large display it makes your work more comfortable and easy.


Today we are going to introduce Authentic Casio Stopwatch model HS-70W-1. Which is the top selling model and with very high performance.

1/1000-sec STOPWATCH:

With this stopwatch, you can even calculate 1/1000 of a second which is beyond human eye capability. If you really need to improve your performance and if you are sure about it, then this is the best choice of your next stopwatch.

50-meter water resistant:

This StopWatch has 50-meters of true water resistance capacity. That means if you are in a place where needs to work underwater or in the rain you don’t need to worry at all. This model of Casio Stopwatch is very much capable of work under water and that’s the reason this model is popular with the swimmers and divers.

It’s often happened that you need to work in a steam or humid area in your industry. So, this model of the Stopwatch will never let you down to keep your promise.

Memory capacity:

It’s often important to keep records and history of the previous timers. In this stopwatch, you can do it very easily. Now you can keep saving your Stopwatch record for 2 sets of 100 records of each. This is fair enough to keep long-time record without any computer or any paper works. This is an amazing feature of this advanced timer machine that will really help you and minimize your workload.


Additional Functions of Casio HS-70W-1:

Besides the dedicated Stopwatch function, you also get few important features that make this device really helpful-

  • Time Display
  • Full auto-calendar (to the year 2099)
  • 12/24-hour format
  • Button Operation Tone On/Off
  • Regular timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds, am/pm, year, month, date, day

we are not telling that, you will be successful if you just buy this device, you will have to utilize it to get the best benefits of this device. All the above features are really important and you will feel that while you will be using it in the practical field.


Update: Now you can download the Casio HS-70W-1 user manual from her.


How about if I need more advanced Stopwatches to buy?

The answer is YES! There is a more advanced model of Casio  Stopwatches named HS-80TW-1. Why this model called advanced? OK- The answer is quite simple. It comes with more functions that add more value to the users. Now you may ask what those additional features that are not available on HS-70W? Here is the top 3 reason why HS-80TW is better than other models in the market-

  1. Alarms: It comes with Alarm function that was not available on HS-70W. You can set 12 different alarm as required.
  2. Counter modes: It has three different counter modes that are not available on the HS-70W
  3. Stoppage time Feature: This function is very much useful if you need to give a break or need to exclude time during lunch or football match half inner. That is the reason this model of Casio Stopwatches HS-80TW-1 also known as Football stopwatch with stoppage time feature.
Casio Stopwatch HS-80TW-1

Which one is the best stopwatch for industrial use?

If you are asking this question directly and want to hear straight answer then the answer is to go for HS-80TW.  Even the price is little higher than the HS-70W but this is the best Stopwatchese by Casio. You can count on our experience!

Final thoughts:

If you need to improve your performance, there is not way except utilizing the time. The more you can utilize time the more you will succeed. and to utilize your time you really need to optimize your time. This device is very much important and useful for industrial works to improve the production and also important in the playground to improve the time.

Make your every moment counts and makes your team chase the time to bring the success. To become more productive there is no alternative to utilizing the time and there is no alternative of a stand-alone stopwatch to give you the best and effective result every time.


What next? Thinking where you will get the Original piece of this product in Bangladesh? Even though you can buy it from many other sources but we recommend you to buy it online (Online Casio Shop in Bangladesh) and get home or office delivery without roaming here and there.

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