Casio Showroom in Bangladesh

If you are looking Casio Showroom in Bangladesh then we are here to help you out. Here is few important information that we want to share with you first. As we everyone (Almost) knew that Casio is a Global company with head quarter in Japan. They have several factories worldwide including, China, Thailand, Philipines, Vietnam, and Japan. Often we think Casio means only Japan, which is not limited at this time. They are a global company and they will explore new markets as time matter.

Now, if ask the direct answer- Where is the Casio Showroom in Bangladesh? and the answer will be, There is NO exclusive Casio Show room directly operated by Casio themselves here in Bangladesh. But yes they have an official distributor and there are many dealers across the country. Unfortunately, all of the dealers are not selling only genuine Caso products, most of the showrooms are selling Duplicates too. So, it’s your call to know who is selling genuine Casio Products on their showroom.


Casio Showroom


Where can I find Genuine Casio Showroom or products in Bangladesh?

When it’s very hard to find a Casio Showroom who is selling only 1oo% genuine Casio products then there is an eCommerce company called come forward and follow the rules to SALE only Genuine Casio Products from the very beginning. With the highest level of Customer satisfaction and latest collection of Casio Watches, Edifice Watches, Scientific Calculators and other Casio products through online and to the whole Bangladesh.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Casio Showroom in Bangladesh

There are lots of Questions coming every day in our customer care number. Here we are trying to include few of them so that it will help you to know.


Q. Casio Showroom in Bijoynogor- Is that and BD SHOP same company?

Answer: No! They are the different company. As we mentioned above, there are lots of Casio Dealer across the country and Casio Showroom in Bijoynogor and we are the completely different company. They have also reputed company and selling Casio products since a long time.


Q. Casio Showroom in Rifle Square- Is that and BD SHOP same company?

Answer: No! They are also the different company. They are selling on their showroom and we are selling online to whole Bangladesh. We are not the same company. So, no need to be confused. They are doing great from a long time.


Q. Where is your Casio Showroom, I mean BDSHOP Showroom?

Answer: is promising eCommerce platform, we exactly don’t have any showroom but YES we have an office is in Multiplan Center, Level- 11, Suite- 1104 where you can come and see and buy the product. But since it’s not a traditional Casio Showroom model, you will need to select the product from online and then better to give a Call (Just to make sure for the stock) and then come to the office. We are open every day (We are open on Friday & Tuesday too 🙂 ) except big holidays.


Q. How do I believe that is selling 100% Genuine Casio Products?

Answer: Yes! You can trust us. There are several ways to know and believe we are selling only genuine products. We have 7 years of Experience on Selling watches globally and 3 years in Bangladesh now. In Bangladesh, in last 3 years, we have sold several thousands of Casio products with the highest level of Customer satisfaction. We do accept to visit our office just to re-confirm what you are going to buy. We are confident about the genuine of the Casio product what we are selling. Moreover, You can visit our office and see the product practically before buying it.


Q. Do you have a home delivery system?

Answer: YES! We accept home or office delivery in Dhaka city. Importantly, we accept Cash on Delivery too. That means you can pay when you get the item at your home. If you are outside Dhaka City, then we will send the product by S.A Poribohon or Sundorbon or with your preferred Courier.


Q. How to get Warranty for the Casio products?

Answer: If you buy the Casio products from us, you will get a minimum 1-year warranty. If there is any warranty issue, Call us- 01789-884488 and we will try our best to solve the issue ASAP. If you bought the item from other sellers, it’s good to contact them immediately. It’s always a good practice to have the original invoice papers & warranty card while you are coming for warranty.