How to Choose the Best Watch Brand in Bangladesh

How to Choose the Best Watch Brand in Bangladesh

Buying New Watch? Then think again before you invest in it!

If you are planning to buy new watch especially latest models of Watch then you should take 5 minutes from your busy life and read this article, trust me in next 5 minutes you will change your mind for sure.

Are you just buying a regular watch or thinking to buy something special?

Looking stylish is often hard today as trends change so quickly. Fads come and they go. But, one thing is permanent and that is having something on your wrist that is both in fashion and is useful as well. This is why a wristwatch has been a part of men’s and women’s clothing for more than 500 years. Peter Heinlein it is believed starting from humble beginnings that culminated in the first German crafted timepiece in the 15th century. He created them to be worn around the next. Later, other makers made them even smaller that could be worn on the wrist. From then on, it was a race to see who could make the best.

In the 60’s the first Quartz crystal electric watches came on the market and by the 80’s they were the predominate timepiece throughout the world as mechanical watches couldn’t compete with the accuracy of the tuned crystal inside each one.

Nowadays they come in all colors and sizes for men and women alike. However, the fashions change the wristwatch is right there riding the crest of whatever is in style or catches the public’s fancy.


Today we are going to look at one of the most trendy and fashionable lines of watches available at an economical price that provides accurate time, versatility, and a flair for the style you want in your life.

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Casio Smartwatch WSD-F10 Released in CES 2016

Casio Smartwatch WSD-F10 Released in CES 2016

Casio has released their first Smart Watch model “Casio Smartwatch WSD-F10“. In CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) 2016, Casio has introduced their first modern smartwatch with the new series called Casio WSD-F10 collection, This series  includes four models ranging in different Colors including the green WSD-F10GN, orange WSD-F10RG, black WSD-F10BK, and red WSD-F10RD. Casio Smartwatch Powered by Android Wear, the Casio WSD-F10 collection is designed in the similar looks as their popular ProTrek collection of outdoor watches. Read more