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Scientific Calculator

If you are an Engineering Student or Professionals & looking for a new Scientific Calculator in Bangladesh, then you may wish to read this before you decide Which brands & where you shall buy your next Scientific Calculator. Electronic Calculator is part of our daily life. So, selecting a Calculator is important. If you are using it for your Exam or for your business, you must need a Calculator which gives correct result faster. In some cases, you will also be needed for the special function to finish your job smartly.

Why you need a Calculator? Is it just to calculation or to solve the problems?

If you need a Calculator just to do the general calculation, then we will request you to think again! Do you really need a Calculator? In present days, most of us already have smartphone and Calculator are already there. Then why you need a Calculator? Here are few checklist and hope you will also agree with me for the reason we use Calculator-

    • Calculator makes Calculation swift & faster
    • It’s simple and easy to use
    • Calculator is better than Smartphone Calculator for specific functions
    • No need to Charge (Single battery could run more than 3 years or lifetime with Solar Power function)
    • Scientific functions are very easy on Calculator

So, depending on the function Scientific Calculator has different demand. I am pretty sure you will agree with me, especially for the Scientific Calculator Casio is the #1 Scientific Calculators in Bangladesh. So, let’s see in-depth and figure out Why Casio is the number one Scientific Calculator brand in Bangladesh?

Background of Casio Calculator

In 1957, Casio had just been in existence for 11 years after World War II released the first all-electric compact calculators that use relays to perform some of the mathematical functions.

Today, however, the calculator business as expanded well beyond the expectations of Casio’s founder Tadao Kashio and his brother Yukio.

Now in the 21st century, Casio is a household name and famous for electronic gadgets, musical instruments, and highly accurate wristwatches in Bangladesh.

But, they haven’t forgotten their humble origins and they still put out a fantastic line of electronic calculators and available in Bangladesh market too.

Today, we will take a look at one branch of this calculator Empire that was started in 1957 by looking at the scientific calculators along with 7 examples of the best Casio has to offer.

These are the some calculators you can find up in Bangladesh from Casio today.

If you are in the construction business, chemical engineering, and any other job or Engineering study that requires advanced mathematical functions beyond that of simple addition, subtraction, multiplication. You will find just the right calculators that have the functions and features you want to make your work and life easier. They will take the hard working part out of your job. No matter what profession or line of study you are pursuing.

Casio Calculators will greatly simplify complex mathematical operations for you and do it faster than you ever thought possible to do.

So sit back and see what Casio can do for you. First up the Casio fx-100MS SOLAR Scientific Calculator

Here is a simple scientific calculator that sports a 10+2-digit display and has the goal of helping you with trigonometry and this means it is useful for many jobs that require figuring angles and area. Architects, Contractors, and engineers of all disciples will find this calculator to be the answer to their prayers as you can switch from degrees to radians in a flash.

This calculator also fits right at home with those who do statistics and this means accountants, Insurance adjusters, and Risk Management experts can use it as well.

What’s even better it is inexpensive as well so the student on a budget can use in their math classes as well. So this calculator can follow you child from elementary school all the way through college and into their first job and beyond.

Casio fx-991MS Scientific Calculator with two-way power (Battery + Solar Power)
Scientific Calculator

401 scientific functions are yours with a hard case calculator that takes all the guesswork out of any mathematical operation you can think of. It also comes with a multi-replay option along with an easy to read display. You can check you work and watch how the answer comes out and you can stop it at each step of the way to examine the intermediate results as you go.

Trig and statistics are a cinch with this advanced SciMath calculator and you will have the right answer every time.

Algebra, Calculus and other forms of higher math reveal their secrets to you and you have 18 levels of parentheses to help you keep everything straight.

So whether you work in an office or are a student this calculator will stand you in good stead. Businessmen will also find it a boon to their work along with 401 built-in functions lets you simplify getting to the right answer the first time and every time.

Even if you are a chef, you’ll find this calculator is great to help you convert recipe measurements from imperial, metric, and the American system of pounds and ounces. It also has 9 variable memory that will help you to do more with this Casio Scientific Calculators.

It has enough versatility that you’ll never run out of uses for it, no matter what you studies and your profession are.


Casio fx-570ES Plus Dual Power Engineering/Scientific Calculator

Casio Scientific Calculator

This is one of the best engineering calculators around and with 417 built-in functions; it also lets you input everything in a formulaic form so you can make sure the equation structure is correct before you enter any data. Some of the operations it can perform for you are:

  • Fractions
  • Statistics
  • Complex Number Calculations
  • Base Arithmetic
  • Linear Regression
  • Standard Deviation
  • Computer Science
  • Polar-Rectangular Conversions

If you are working with computers, you’ll appreciate the ability to go from base 10 maths to hex or Octa with ease. You can even switch to binary to examine each bit of a hex readout that has popped up letting you know something has happened on your computer or in a network trace. Vector and Matrix math are a breeze as well. You can enter your equation in Standard Format this greatly simplifies the entry of equations and formulas. You can then step through each operation to see the intermediate results as they are calculated for you.
In this way, you can follow along on paper and check what is going on. Along with the many functions, it performs for you, it will also automatically have an open parenthesis pop up and all you have to do is input your arguments and then close off the parenthesis to finish that part of the equation. This speeds up your work and cuts down on mistakes. Integrals, Derivatives, and complex fractions may be input as well. Now you have a calculator that does math the way you do.

Casio fx-570MS Scientific Calculator

Casio Scientific Calculator

This is one of Casio’s latest. Designed for the Middle school and High Schooler that needs a great calculator to help them blast through their homework with style and time to spare for other studies. The Casio fx-570MS is designed for:

  • General Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1 and 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Physics

All of these subjects can put your student on the “Honor Roll” and this Casio Calculator can help them get there and keep them there as well. It has been shown that students that do well in math and science are more likely to get higher scores on the SAT II and, therefore, qualify for some of the best schools in the nation.

Along with going to going to a good school your child is also more likely to be able to secure a high paying job afterwards also.

This calculator has Natural Textbook Display and it supports S.V.P.M(Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method) This means what your child sees in their textbooks goes right into the calculator. This makes their schoolwork more understandable and simplifies the inputting of information.

In fact, this is the calculator that is approved for the following college entrance tests:

  • SAT
  • AP
  • ACT

In additions to the above tests, your child can use this calculator on. It features 401 built-in calculations and functions.

However, one of its bestselling features is its ability to multi-replay an equation backwards to allow your child to backtrack through and operation so they can understand what is going on during the execution of an equation. This is the calculator that will take your child to the head of the class, get them into the school of their dreams, and let them go out into the world and find their life’s goals.

Latest Casio FX-991EX ClassWiz Engineering/Scientific Calculator

ClassWiz Calculator

This is the crème de la crème for scientific calculators. It first has a high-resolution display that makes you think of a spreadsheet. It features Natural Textbook Display as well. So what you see in the book is what you see in the display as well.

It is Solar Powered and it features a battery backup as well. So you get the best of both worlds.


It has 552 functions. It makes up for it by being faster and has a much better display.

So, it gives you the answer you are looking for in a flash and in a format that looks like it came off a spreadsheet. This is useful if you are checking column of numbers by hand and you want to make sure the books balance properly.

Casio ClassWiz is the best and latest addition in 2nd Generation Scientific Calculator range. It’s smart enough to meet the new generation with QR Code, Spread Sheets and much more.

For those of you in college will make those statistic courses easier and do it in style and the design of this calculator makes it a fashion accessory as well as it has a finish that is now and it is the perfect adjunct to your smartphone or iPad calculator and it is easier to use as well.

Casio Scientific Calculator (FX-991ES PLUS)


A more upscale version of the above that sports Natural Textbook Display and V.P.A.M. that does even more than the above. Though the display isn’t as dense as the previous calculator it still gets the job done and is a good entry level scientific calculator that doesn’t have that steep a learning curve to understand and get you up and going with.

This is one of the best non-graphics printer calculators out there and many a statistician has cut his or her teeth on this calculator.

It performs for you in a number of different modes of operation:

  • General Calculations
  • Complex Number Calculations
  • Statistical and Regression Calculations
  • Different Base Operations (ie. Octal, Hex, and Binary)
  • Equation Solution
  • Matrix Calculations
  • Table Generation
  • Vector Calculations
  • Inequality Calculations
  • Distribution Calculations
  • Recurring Decimal Calculations

So, it is a calculator that will handle most if all you needs in school or on the job as well.
You can also switch between:

  • Fraction and decimal form
  • Square root form and decimal form
  • Pi and decimal form

With this, you also have 8 preset variables you can use in your equations that simplify operations and make things look good on the output.

Casio Fx-350es Plus Display Scientific Calculator


252 functions await you with this heavy-duty number crunching handheld calculator. You get both V.P.A.M. and Natural Textbook Display that both make it a great addition to you class schedule.

But it goes on out after you finish Middle School to High School and it has enough surprises to get you through college as well.

If it weren’t for BDSHOP’s clout these calculators would be a bit pricey. But if you buy it from them it is a steal and worth it to have in your school bag or briefcase. It handles most of your math subjects and while the 115 ES has more functionality. This calculator isn’t and slouch either when it comes to flashing through a midterm exam or on the job figuring customer’s cost estimates.

It’s functionality cover statistics as well as Algebra and most math’s your will face in college. When it’s time to face finals, this is the calculator by your side. Most smartphones can’t come close to its functionality or the readability of the output display as well.

So you have all the calculator for you college courses and beyond. Once you get the hang of it. You’ll never want another calculator by your side.


Final thoughts about Casio Calculator

Casio has been in the calculator business since its inception in the late 50’s. Though the smartphones say they have calculators in them. They don’t compare to the real thing.

What’s even better that Amazon gives you a deep discount on most of the calculators we’ve talked about today and this means great things for you as you can buy more calculator and this is great especially if you are a student and don’t have a lot of money to spend on your number crunching tools.

Even if you are an exec, you don’t want to pay through the nose or break the family budget to get the tools of your trade.

The 7 scientific calculators we’ve highlighted for you are all well appointed and will get the job done. No matter in what venue and industry you’re working in.

But where they really shine is for the student and their studies as they can enhance your test taking ability. With their Natural Textbook Displays will make your homework effortless and one, in particular, is welcome on any college Entrance Exam you can think of and get you or your children higher scores, which equate to a better school and a higher standard of living after graduation.

For this reason, alone it should prompt you to buy a calculator from Casio and breeze through homework, tests and your studies with ease.

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