Casio Calculator Price List in Bangladesh

Casio Calculator Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Casio Calculator Price List

Keep updated with the latest price for all Original Casio Calculators in Bangladesh. This often confusing and sometimes it’s very difficult to know the real price for Casio Calculators.  If you find that complicated too then here we have to solution for you. Here you will get all the latest price update Casio Calculator Price List as of now.

Please be noted that now genuine Casio Calculators comes with 3 years of warranty and with the hologram sticker on the box and on the Calculator body itself.


Model Number
Product Picture
Buy Genuine Product
Tk. 1,050
Casio FX 100 MS Calculator in Bangladesh
Tk. 1,400
Casio FX-570ES Plus calculator in Bangladesh
Tk. 1,500
FX-991ES PLUS in Bangladesh
Tk. 1,500
Casio Classwiz Engineering Calculator (FX-570EX)
Tk. 1,600
 Casio Classwiz Calculator (fx-991EX) in Bangladesh
Tk. 650
DJ-120D Plus in Bangladesh
Tk. 650
Casio MJ-120D in BD
Tk. 1,200
Image result for CASIO (DJ-120D)
Tk. 1,400
Casio Calculator - 12 Digit, 150 Steps Check (DJ-220D)
Tk. 3,800
Financial Calculator in BD
Tk. 4,900
Casio Programmable Calculator (fx-4500PA) in Bangladesh
CASIO (FX-5800P)
Tk. 5,200
Tk. 9,500
Casio USB Graphic Calculator (FX-9750GII) in Bangladesh
Tk. 12,500
Casio Graphing Calculator in Bangladesh
Tk. 11,500
Casio graphing Calculator (Fx-9860GII) in Bangladesh


This Casio Calculator Price List can be changed anytime and without any prior notice. To get an update of Casio Calculator Price List you may check this price list. Please be noted that we sell only 100% Genuine Casio Calculator with warranty. So, don’t feel shy to ask the other seller if you found the same model with much lower price. They will not provide you warranty either. Duplicate calculator never performs like genuine. Then why you will waste your money there?

We have home delivery in Dhaka city and courier delivery for outside Dhaka. If you want home delivery in Dhaka then additional 50 Taka will add as Delivery charge and 100 Taka for outside Dhaka. You can order from your home and get the delivery to your place. You can order over the phone too- Just call 01789-884488/ 01789-884477 from 10 am to 7 pm every day. or Visit our office to buy directly-

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Time Zone Watches in Bangladesh

Time Zone Watches in Bangladesh

Time Zone Features on Watch

Time Zone is often identified as local Time for the Official, Social and Commercial purpose. If you travel a lot from one country to another, it is very important to know the local time zone before your travel. Here are the best Watches according to your budget which may solve this issue very smartly.

Why Time Zone is Important

If you Travel from one country to another, it is mandatory and it will save you from lots of issues including, Air plane Boarding time, Check in and Check out time at the hotel. If you want to visit any office or any seminar it is very important to maintain the local time. So, from every single step, you will need to be as local time. As an example, if you are traveling to India from Bangladesh, you will need to set your time 30 minutes behind- like when 10 AM in Bangladesh then 9.30AM in India.


Time Zone
Photo Credit:

How to Solve Time Zone issue easily?

It’s very difficult to remember and adjust the time on your wristwatch every time you visit another country. here is the best solution, If you buy any Casio Watches which has Time Zone feature., That means this watch already has predefined time for around 30 to 40 city around the world. So, when you are traveling to that country instead of changing your origin time, you can just press a button and you will get that countries time. Isn’t it cool? Yes! It’s very useful and easy to carry instead of Googling for different time zone.

 Here is one of the most popular Casio Digital watch Review.


List of Time Zone Watches

Here are the Watches that have Time Zone Features as predefined. We will list some most popular Casio Digital watches which comes with Different Time Zone and which is very affordable to everyone.


Casio Budget Watch in Bangladesh

Casio Budget Watch in Bangladesh

Casio Budget Watch

There are thousands of Casio watches, and every week new models are adding on their product line. But which one is suitable for you? If you have a tight budget or if you wish to buy a new Genuine Casio watch within 3000 Taka? Here is the Casio Budget Watch that will not empty your pocket.

Today we will be discussing an excellent Casio unisex watch which also has Dual Time feature. This watch is some special but why? We will try to figure it out here.

No more hide and seek! Yes, we are talking about the model of Casio AW-80V-5BVSo, let’s get started!

Casio Budget Watch

Honestly, This model is not only a watch. It has lot more functions and which is awesome to get within this budget.

What are your questions before buying a watch?

OK! What you look when you want to buy a new watch? If I am not mistaking, there will be certain features, few function requirements, etc. So, here we will try to mansion some that we often hear from our customers when they come to buy a wristwatch, especially in Bangladesh.

General questions before the purchase of a new watch:

  1. Is this watch waterproof?
  2. Is it a genuine product?
  3. How to know this product is genuine?
  4. Is there any warranty for this watch?
  5. How long will the battery last?

Specific question about the watch and features:

  1. What is the range of water resistance? (50 meters)
  2. What is the battery life for this Casio AW-80V-5BV? (Approximately 10 years)
  3. How about the band? (It comes with Velcro system on Cloth band)
  4. Does both Analog & Digital Watch works? (Yes both working)
  5. Can I set 2 different times on this watch? etc. (Yes you can)


Now the moment of truth- Why you should buy this watch?

Well, first of all, you are getting a genuine Casio watch which has both Analog and Digital time. It also comes with durable cloth band. Another important feature is the 10 years of battery life. This few exceptional feature makes this watch awesome. Oho, I forgot to add- The color. Yes, it has unique color and light weight feature that will remind you the sporty watch feeling every time you wear it.


According to our observation, this is one of the best and the real sporty wristwatch which is very useful if you want to keep two times on your single watch. This watch is stylish and trendy enough to attract others attentions. So, this your turn to buy a genuine Casio watch. Good news is you can order it online and pay Cash on Delivery in Dhaka. If you are outside Dhaka still you can get it by courier. You may order this genuine watch from our recommended online shop and get it without any hassle.

Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Watch

Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Watch

Casio SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Watch

These days wearing wristwatches far exceeds telling you time. There are wristwatches that determine the heights of the tables you sit at events.  The Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Watch give class, essence, and even sport into one lovely wristwatch that enhances your spirit as much as it decorates your wrist.


The Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Watch is a very strong statement of boldness as to a wristwatch whiles it still maintains its unique sleekness. The Casio SGW-100-1V wrist is sure to perfume you with that sporty smart look. This wristwatch is never violent, very civil and never quarrels with your attire. It is sure to rhyme with whatever you wear. The Casio SGW-100-1V wrist completely agrees even with your person; being the calm or harsh type.

The Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch is a complete man’s thing. It tells you more than the time, it tells you of style and vigor; a very nice way to look way younger than your birth certificate.

The Casio SGW-100-1V wrist is wonderful with 47.6mm case romantically decorate with the brave black strap of this Casio sport. This wristwatch tastefully toasts sport and class into such a tasteful twist of a wristwatch your wrist can not wait to taste!

The Casio SGW-100-1V wrist is very durable, you would surely wear it to the cast your vote in the next US presidential elections! Well covered with a protective mineral crystal layer, the Casio SGW100-1V boasts extreme resistance to dirt, dust, and even scratches.


The Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch is not allergic to water at all. It boasts an impeccable 200M water resistance. Take that bold dive into that pool and check time confidently underwater with this amiable wristwatch. The Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch is just what you need for that bold performance in marine sports. The daring LCD of this Casio sports watch separated into three divisions, brings in that awesome display; enhanced with very elite crispness, and clarity; reading your wristwatch has never been easier.

Why should you buy this watch?

There are several strong and valid points to consider this Casio Twin Sensor watch to buy. Here are few of them-

  1. It has both Temperature and Barometer Sensors
  2. It Comes with 200 meters of proven water resistance
  3. Appriximately 3 years of battery life

The case dimension of the Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch is impressive at 51.5 x 47.6 x 13.2mm. You will surely be impressed with the display range of the Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch which reads -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F) with the display unit being 0.1 C. The efficiency of the Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch is ultimately delighting with an adorable measuring capacity of 59’59.99″. The Measuring unit reads 1 degree, with the enhanced measurement courtesy of graphic direction pointer, magnetic Declination correction, and bearing Sensor Correction as well as a Thermometer. The auto calendar of the magnetic Declination correction ambitiously runs into the future being pre-programmed until the year 2099. With a Storage Battery CR2025, all things being equal, the battery could last you for 3 years.


Wear the Casio Men’s SGW-100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch today and you know what time people when they look at your wrist? Time to start to start showing you respect!



Casio Calculator Watch- DBC-32-1A

Casio Calculator Watch- DBC-32-1A

The Casio Calculator watch DBC-32-1A digital watch has multi-functionality at its best. The Casio DBC-32-1A digital watch is a product made with two things in mind – comfort and functionality. While on a first look the square case packed to the brim with miniature buttons may look not so cool but for very niche and targetted users is very fond of this- Especially 80’s or 90’s Casio users in Bangladesh.

Interested to know more about this Vintage Casio watch? here we will try to make few information public about this awesome timepiece. So, Shall we start?

What is best about this Calculator Watch?

Before all else, I should address the water exposure issue – while the watch is NOT waterproof, it is resistant and has a reactive alarm that goes off the moment it gets wet. There are however no measures taken to increase shock resistance. Moving on to the cramped look of the case – the buttons are clearly enough labeled and useful for the calculator function. So, you are requested not to go under water with this watch. While you can still use it on a rainy day.

Casio Calculator Watch

The display is big enough (it can show up to eight letters and fifteen numerals) and seems well made and features auto LED light with afterglow. Please be noted that you may need to change the default settings to enable the auto afterglow function. And for your Casio provide a big hand note or catalog books for you. While the first function is useful as it allows your watch to light up as you move your hand without the need for pressing buttons, the latter is a bit redundant – basically, it extends the time the display stays lit. The band is made to be adhesive to the skin so the watch is a tight fit to the wrist and can be adjusted for various hand sizes.

Longer battery Life (up to 10 years)

The Casio DBC-32-1A additionally boasts a battery with an expected life up to 10 years (10 years battery life). Of course, we couldn’t exactly field test that. Having gone over the hardware let us now look inwards to the three main functions of the clock – a stop-watch, a watch, and a calculator. As a stop-watch, the Casio Calculator Watch DBC-32-1A has both variety and precision. It can measure up to the hundredth of a second and it has all the important modes – elapsed time, split time and even 1st to 2nd place comparison. As a watch, this Casio has an accuracy of within 30 seconds per month – not a nuclear clock by any means, but quite enough for most everyday applications. It has four multi-function alarms and one multi-function alarm with Snooze.

Multi Language

You can also use any of the thirteen languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Russian) available to write your reasons for the alarms. In case you miss your local church bell (or other hourly signalization) the Casio can do it for you. Finally, it comes with a pre-programmed auto calendar that extends to 2099 ensuring your descendants are equipped to be at least as prompt as you. The true usefulness of the Casio Casio Calculator Watch DBC32-1A, however, is revealed with its final function as a serious field calculator that can leave the hands free. With fifteen numbers per page and a tight grip.

Casio Calculator Watch

With fifteen numbers per page and a tight grip on the wrist the watch performs wonderfully on the basic level. It also has a good memory databank of 25 pages and the important constants for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Because the reviewer is an amateur mathematician at best we did not test the more complex functions available, but at least we can say with certainty, that the Casio Calculator Watch DBC32-1A passes the division by zero test and properly shows an error message. All in all, it’s a slightly ugly but very useful and relatively robust watch you can get for cheap if you put your mind to it. Impressively enough, its battery life may extend further than your own.

Where to get Casio Calculator Watch?

If you want to have one of this vintage watch it may be little difficult to find Casio showrooms in Bangladesh. But you may get it easily online. Here is our recommended Casio Online Shop where you will get it authentic and at an affordable price. Buy DBC-32-1A from Casio Online Shop in Bangladesh.

Water Resistance Ratings of Casio Watches

Water Resistance Ratings of Casio Watches

Water Resistance Ratings of Casio Watches

Water resistance rating for watches is very important. This indicates states the capacity a wristwatch can be used when underwater. It is one of the most important features for any wristwatches as most people explore and travel a lot and are thus highly likely to go underwater at some point in their lives. This is also important to keep in mind for the sweats.

Casio wristwatches are water resistance but there are certain levels. They have developed and researched a lot since a long time. Their innovation is to provide the best quality possible and to allow the function and comfort while swimming or even diving.

With all the features of wristwatches, the water resistance rating may often be overlooked and misunderstood. When you see back side of your wristwatch, then there one question may arise- What on the watch saying “50M water resistance”? Actually, this simple word contains a lot of information and precautions when wearing the timepiece under water.

Unfortunately, very few of us understand what it really indicate and what their standards are meant. Here we will try to discuss a careful analysis will be explained in details about the Water Resistance in this article.

Depth by Meter of water resistance:

Before starting the different standards, Firstly, let’s look at few common questions often asked by watch owners. What does the “Meters” sign actually mean? And what activities are affected per meter listed? OK! Here is the proper explanation by Casio, and as a rule of thumb, they have explained the allowances of the watches and restrictions for each depth states.

Water Resistance Ratings
Picture Credit:

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What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?

What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?

What Does Mean Japan Movt. Casio Cased in China?

Today we will try to explain What Does actually mean by Japan Movt. Cased in China for Casio watches? before we start, hope you already knew that Casio is a well known Japan brand who has their own factory in different countries like China, Thailand, Philips etc. and these factories own and ran by Casio itself. So, now lets come to point and jump into the topic Why Casio don’t produce all watches in Japan?

Now the world is too much faster in technology and all are in super competition to introduce new products at affordable price. To cut down the price of the final product there are several ways. And using the low-grade material or by reducing the production cost where labor cost is less. In this case, Casio chooses the second option. Instead of compromising the product quality they successfully find cheaper labor market like China, Thailand, Philips etc. Is that a bad idea? What does buyer really think about it?
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Stopwatch- Best timer for Professional use

Stopwatch- Best timer for Professional use

Stopwatch- Why do you need to buy a stand-alone device?

Stopwatch also called Stop Watch or Timer machine, This digital device is used for tracking time. The stopwatch is widely used in industries for on-time production. Stopwatch also used on the playground to practice and improve the time for every step.

This 4,500 Taka device could save thousands of Dollars and increase your business reputation for on-time delivery of your shipment. If you are a sports guy this device is a must-have for your daily workout and practice to improve in every single second.

World’s fastest man “Usain Bolt” or the world’s 2nd largest Ready-Made Garment Industry in Bangladesh; has come to this stage by super utilizing the time and will power.


Beside many other functions on every digital watch or recent mobile phones you also has a digital stopwatch but there is some specific reason Why you need a Stopwatch as stand alone device?

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Best Scientific Calculator for Engineering Students in Bangladesh

Best Scientific Calculator for Engineering Students in Bangladesh

Scientific Calculator

If you are an Engineering Student or Professionals & looking for a new Scientific Calculator in Bangladesh, then you may wish to read this before you decide Which brands & where you shall buy your next Scientific Calculator. Electronic Calculator is part of our daily life. So, selecting a Calculator is important. If you are using it for your Exam or for your business, you must need a Calculator which gives correct result faster. In some cases, you will also be needed for the special function to finish your job smartly.

Why you need a Calculator? Is it just to calculation or to solve the problems?

If you need a Calculator just to do the general calculation, then we will request you to think again! Do you really need a Calculator? In present days, most of us already have smartphone and Calculator are already there. Then why you need a Calculator? Here are few checklist and hope you will also agree with me for the reason we use Calculator-

    • Calculator makes Calculation swift & faster
    • It’s simple and easy to use
    • Calculator is better than Smartphone Calculator for specific functions
    • No need to Charge (Single battery could run more than 3 years or lifetime with Solar Power function)
    • Scientific functions are very easy on Calculator

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    How to Choose the Best Watch Brand in Bangladesh

    How to Choose the Best Watch Brand in Bangladesh

    Buying New Watch? Then think again before you invest in it!

    If you are planning to buy new watch especially latest models of Watch then you should take 5 minutes from your busy life and read this article, trust me in next 5 minutes you will change your mind for sure.

    Are you just buying a regular watch or thinking to buy something special?

    Looking stylish is often hard today as trends change so quickly. Fads come and they go. But, one thing is permanent and that is having something on your wrist that is both in fashion and is useful as well. This is why a wristwatch has been a part of men’s and women’s clothing for more than 500 years. Peter Heinlein it is believed starting from humble beginnings that culminated in the first German crafted timepiece in the 15th century. He created them to be worn around the next. Later, other makers made them even smaller that could be worn on the wrist. From then on, it was a race to see who could make the best.

    In the 60’s the first Quartz crystal electric watches came on the market and by the 80’s they were the predominate timepiece throughout the world as mechanical watches couldn’t compete with the accuracy of the tuned crystal inside each one.

    Nowadays they come in all colors and sizes for men and women alike. However, the fashions change the wristwatch is right there riding the crest of whatever is in style or catches the public’s fancy.


    Today we are going to look at one of the most trendy and fashionable lines of watches available at an economical price that provides accurate time, versatility, and a flair for the style you want in your life.

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